The Seasons of Family

We used to be so busy. Schedules packed full of errands, chores and work that needed to be done... and at the time it did. The challenging winds and chaos of 2020 have taught us that time changes and fast. With that, our perception may have shifted making our values more of a priority. The shift happening in our "normal" lives gives us an abundance of time to focus on what really matters. Family. Many questions have floated through our thoughts during these quarantined days. For example,

"What are the things I haven't been doing? What are the freedoms I have had all this time that I haven't been using? What do I want more of in my life?"

More time with family.

More memories.

More moments.

More love.

The Rochon's beautiful family made many memories on this day. They gathered together before their family portrait session to celebrate one another with great food, cold beverages, deserts and laughs.

All family.

Even the family dog, Mya made an appearance. Her main goal was to get someone to throw the ball for her but we captured a smile or two from her as well.

Grandma, Grandpa, Husband, Wife, daughter and son, children and grandchildren, all together celebrating one thing... Family.

Find a way to celebrate your family! Write it down, pick a date and do it! Grow together in love and make new memories!

Thank you to the Rochon's for sharing these moments with me.

Thank you for being you!

Tanya Noir

Merle Noir Studios