Your 4 Callings

Ohhh, how the winds of change have blown through our lives this year. I can't even begin to explain how many times I have had to shift and pivot my path for challenges that 2020 provided. It would be too mundane to sit and list every minute scenario and it would sound too much like complaining for my taste. When I am sitting in what I like to call "Wah-wah Land" it is easy to look at all of the negative outcomes. It feels like a daily dose of rejection. Business plans, relationships, parenting and most importantly self love and care have been challenged beyond our imaginations.

If rejection is just a from of redirection... where are we being redirected to?


Today I woke up heavily asking myself, "Who am I being redirected to be? Do I like this path? What do I have to meditate on to accept and make this redirection a positive adventure? What are my CALLINGS in this season?

If you were being called by a magical force: The Universe, Your ancestors, Your tribe circle, Your higher power, what would you be being called to do? What situations keep manifesting into your life? What do yo know A LOT about? What are things that you have maybe hated about yourself and now you have come to LOVE? What can you feed your love into? All of these answers can hep you discover what you are now being called to do. Maybe your life path hasn't changed much this 2020 and that is ok, too! However, you should still know your callings. I chose the NO. 4 because that is just the perfect place to start with a great foundation.

Pick 4 areas of your life that are most important to YOU! Not most important for anybody else. You can't radiate love into the universe if you don't fill yourself with it first. For me I choose: Parenting, Career, Community, & Health (Beauty and Fashion but that's off track and I can fit it somewhere).

Start journaling.

Start a list.

My list...

I am being called to make people feel beautiful. I am being called to start sharing. Start using my voice. Start this blog. I am being called to support and help entrepreneurs flourish. Start sharing my talents and the things that I am passionate about. Support mental health issues that surround hoarding and alcoholism. Help people turn their homes into a sanctuary. Be a badass mom and learn how to communicate and connect with my babies. Help hairstylists and business owners grow to be the best version of themselves.



Well... looks like I am well on my way passed the four callings.

One of the most important things is the ACTION part. We can blog and journal our little hearts out but we can't hide behind that. This is just a mini step that supports our future but its the actions we choose on a daily basis that evolves into a life well lived.

Thank you for being you.

Tanya Noir